Tablet POS combination and self-service terminal "work" to open up the fast channel of retail shopping


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During the peak period of super passenger flow of retailers, it is often seen that the cashier counters are in a long queue, and some consumers complain about it all the time, even give up buying and turn around. The pain points of the traditional cashier link are: high labor cost of the cashier, different service levels of the cashier, etc. If only the regular cashier can settle the bill, it may reduce the efficiency of the store.

In the new retail wave, mobile, unmanned, non-contact and other hot words have become common expressions in industry communication. It will also bring more convenience to retail store management and customer experience. The use of tablet POS combination and self-service terminal kiosks have effectively solved some problems: reducing the unhappiness caused by queuing, improving customer satisfaction, etc.

With years of solid R&D and production strength in the field of POS hardware, MAKEN has manufactured tablet POS equipment and self-service terminal kiosks with commercial value and super performance, which are the best choice for catering, retail, supermarket and other fields.

Tablet POS

A tablet, a cash box, a printer and a card reader, can solve order and cash register.

MAKEN’s tablet POS combination is designed to meet the actual needs of frequent use in commercial places, with the goal of realizing professional one-stop commercial applications. In the tablet POS combination, the tablet stands, POS stands, cashbox, card reader holder, printer bracket, etc. are made of full sheet metal with high durability and directly designed in the product.

Tablet pos combination and self-service terminal


Stylish cashbox is equipped with tilt tablet stand, printer bracket, card reader holder, etc. Create a fashionable and functional cashier combination for retail stores.

Tablet pos combination and self-service terminal


Classic cash drawer is equipped with universal rotatable tablet stand, printer holder, card reader holder, etc. It is applicable for most stores.

Large chain supermarkets use self-checkout machines to allow consumers to bypass cashiers and achieve self-service shopping. It saves the queuing time and the trouble of queuing too long.

After shopping and waiting for checkout, consumers can go to the self-service terminal and put the shopping basket on the storage platform, take out items one by one to align with the barcode, scan in front of the scanner, and then put them into the shopping bag on the right. Final payment and printing receipt. Convenient and fast.

Tablet pos combination and self-service terminal


Tablet pos combination and self-service terminal


MAKEN’s self-checkout machine, independently developed and designed, has multiple advantages such as smoothness, stability, sensitivity and durability. It is widely used in supermarkets, convenience stores and other places, which not only improves the efficiency of brand cashiers, but also optimizes customers' shopping experience.

Tablet pos combination and self-service terminal


The compact floor type checkout kiosk KR-2100 is simple and fashionable, stable and durable, time-saving and efficient. The internal hidden wire design can hide the wires inside, effectively avoiding redundant and messy cables, and making the application cleaner and more beautiful.

No matter the performance and appearance, MAKEN's tablet POS combination and self-checkout kiosks are highly compatible with various commercial application environments.

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