MAKEN unveils blockbuster new products kiosk POS in EuroShop 2023


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From February 26 to March 2, the world's top retail exhibition EuroShop was held in Dusseldorf, Germany as scheduled. The exhibition site is very popular.

MAKEN, a professional manufacturer of POS terminal equipment, appeared at the exhibition with POS hardware, self-service kiosks, commercial display stands, and digital signage. With a strong product lineup and a smart and efficient retail POS comprehensive solution, MAKEN has once again become the focus of attention in the global retail industry.

Maken unveils blockbuster new products kiosk pos in euroshop 2023

Over the years, MAKEN has focused on designing and manufacturing of its products. With a professional R&D engineering team, strong intensive manufacturing strength and rich experience, MAKEN products are widely used in retail, catering and other industries.

Amazing Debut of The New Kiosk POS

The newly launched kiosk POS series of MAKEN, with full-metal structure, is compact and exquisite, highly integrated with touch, scanning, printing, card swiping and other functions, and has the "role" of cash register or self-checkout kiosk, which is very suitable for various retail stores. This series continues to inherit the powerful gene of MAKEN's manufacturing strength, and once it appears, it attracts many visitors to stop, experience and consult, which is worthy of the name of "popular responsibility".

Maken unveils blockbuster new products kiosk pos in euroshop 2023

At self-service terminal exhibition area, many popular products of self-service ordering kiosks and checkout kiosks are displayed. Floor-standing type, desktop type, wall-mount type, they are specially designed for various self-service application environments. It plays a very important role in improving the customer service experience of retail stores.

Maken unveils blockbuster new products kiosk pos in euroshop 2023

Cash Drawers & POS Stands, As a "Wonderful" Combination

Cash drawers, POS stands and other POS hardware products are the "fist" category of MAKEN.

The cash drawer exhibition area includes high-end ball-bearing slide type, classic roller type, stylish type, economical type, flip-top type, etc., with a variety of categories. The sizes are available from 240 to 460, or to 500.

Maken unveils blockbuster new products kiosk pos in euroshop 2023

The cash drawers and POS stands appear in different combinations, bringing different experiences to the on-site guests.

Multi-functional pole mounts combined with flip-top cash drawer, make efficient use of cash register space, to be a classic combination of POS cash register.

Two-in-one POS stand, compact body, integrated with tablet and printer to achieve touch and ticket printing function. It can partner with any type of cash drawer to create an efficient cashing experience.

MAKEN has various types of tablet stands, including countertop, floor-standing and wall-mounted, which can meet the market demand of different sizes and different scenarios.

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