Depending on them! Retail stores can improve high-quality service quickly.


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Customers are an important prerequisite for the survival of retail stores and the basis for the sustained growth of store revenue. To this end, retailers must take a variety of measures to make customers like your store, thereby promoting the growth of store revenue.

There are so many retail stores in the market. In order to win the favor of customers, merchants need to make efforts to provide good, meticulous and Refine services. Refined service is the actual demand of customers. For retail merchants, comprehensive services not only increase the popularity of retail stores, but also enhance the popularity of retail stores. Only when retail merchants master the initiative can they become bigger and stronger. In commodity sales, the merchants make services more detailed, so that customers can feel convenient everywhere, increase the amount of goods purchased, and the total sales of the stores will naturally increase.

Wherever customers have requirements, retailers should meet their need. They try their best to let customers enjoy the shopping process without fear of shopping, otherwise the image of the retail store will be affected. It is not difficult to provide quality service. How can services be refined? The answer is that you can use some tools, such as digital signage, self-service terminal equipment, to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

1. Create a beautiful visual experience for consumers with the help of digital signage

First of all, do a good job of drainage at the entrance of the store, you can place some trolley type advertising machines, or hang some wall mounted advertising machines in the store corridor. It is used to play the information of new products or promotions in the current season.

For example, this DD-3200 is fashionable and light, with a removable design, which is convenient for store staff to carry and store. The DD-4310 with the drawing board design is also a hot choice for many chain stores, which is convenient and good-looking.

Depending on them! retail stores can improve high-quality service quickly.


Depending on them! retail stores can improve high-quality service quickly. DD-4310

In the shop, place some slim floor mounted advertising machines, which do not take up space. The content includes promotional videos, brand logos, store ratings, exclusive logos and other displays. It can also be superimposed with other search styles or real-time weather broadcasts, which means better marketing results. It can highlight core value points such as store service, reputation and brand, and it is very attractive to users.

For example, DF-4310, vertical slim advertising machine, narrow body design, can be placed near the wall in the store. The 43inch large screen, high-definition and delicate images, and bright color experience enable customers to experience a beautiful visual feast.

Depending on them! retail stores can improve high-quality service quickly.

The wall of the cashier area is also the best place to install ceiling or wall mounted digital signage. Customers waiting in line to pay the bill can learn more about the latest news of the store's products, or play some advertising to visually enhance the customer's experience of entering the store.

DW series digital signage, ranging from 21.5 inch, 27 inch and 32 inch to 43 inch, 49 inch and 55 inch, can meet the requirements of different sizes.

Depending on them! retail stores can improve high-quality service quickly.

2. Create a convenient operation experience for consumers with the help of self-service terminals

For some restaurants, the hand sanitizer kiosks should be placed at the position after entering the door, so that customers can disinfect their hands. Merchants can choose to use hand sanitizer kiosks that combine advertising display screens and hand washing functions, which can achieve multiple purposes at one stroke.

MAKEN’s KHD-2100 is a hand sanitizer advertising machine with display advertising and disinfection functions. It is the preferred product in many crowded industries, such as hotels, restaurants, exhibition centers, schools and other places. There is a frequent flow of people. The use of similar kiosks can ensure health problems.

Depending on them! retail stores can improve high-quality service quickly.

Desktop self-service machines can be placed on the counter in the store, or multi-functional self-service machines can be installed on the wall near mainstream products. The self-service inquiry machine is convenient for customers to inquire product information independently; The self-service ordering machine is convenient for customers in catering stores to order food by themselves, eliminating queuing in peak hours; The self-service checkout machine is convenient for supermarket and retail customers to check out without contact. It can not only rapidly improve the operation efficiency of the store, but also create a diversified self-service experience for consumers.

Depending on them! retail stores can improve high-quality service quickly.


Depending on them! retail stores can improve high-quality service quickly.


In terms of cost and efficiency, these smart device products meet the needs of merchants, help merchants save labor costs and capital costs, and enable stores to operate more efficiently, orderly, and intelligently.

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