Intelligent advertising display, create new experience of commercial display


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Today, the advertising industry market is gradually developing, and the use of advertising machines is more extensive. As a new type of advertising tool, the advertising machine has extremely high picture quality, brilliant colors and superior performance, which can bring more exciting information and advertising display to customers. At the same time, it can achieve a better interactive experience between merchants and customers, and is more and more popular with users.

Advertising machines are roughly divided into several common types: wall-mounted, floor-standing, and drawing-board. The wall-mounted type is usually hung and installed on the wall, which requires no floor space and has a relatively wide range of visibility. The drawing board advertising machine is easy to be folded and stored, and is suitable for drainage at the door of the store. The floor-standing advertising machine is more flexible in placement, which can meet the advertising needs of various application scenarios such as shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprises, banks, and exhibition halls.

Intelligent advertising display, create new experience of commercial display

DF-4310 is a vertical advertising display with 43-inch or 55-inch screen optional, touch or non-touch. The design is fashionable and simple, ultra-thin, with excellent technology and small footprint. The double handle design of the back panel is convenient for the machine to move. The front panel of the advertising machine is protected by tempered glass, high-end aluminum alloy frame, cold-rolled steel plate rear shell, and active heat dissipation. Double-sided high-quality speakers support more than 30 media playback formats.

The screen adopts a professional commercial screen with high resolution, high contrast and high brightness, which makes the video image clearer, natural and delicate, with stronger visual impact, and can better express the details of the picture. It adopts full viewing angle display, 178 degrees up and down, left and right without distortion. The color saturation is higher, and the color addition technology dynamically adjusts the color balance, making the image more layered, brighter in color and clearer in detail.

Intelligent advertising display, create new experience of commercial display

DF-4310 is equipped with a high-performance industrial control motherboard to ensure continuous operation for a long time. 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, uninterrupted playback of the set advertising content.

Compared with traditional publicity prints, this kind of advertising equipment only needs to remotely control multiple terminals through the cloud background, and publish, modify, and delete advertising content, which is simple and convenient. Low cost, wide audience and high cost performance.

In the form of communication, the vertical advertising machine can release content in multiple formats at the same time. Through split-screen playback, pictures, videos, texts, etc. appear on the same screen synchronously, making the advertising forms more diverse and more vivid and humanized., more attractive. 

The advertising machine can present a perfect visual picture and realize the precise placement of advertisements in the target population. In an active form, it attracts users to watch and browse through colorful dynamic pictures, and is suitable for brand promotion and display in various public places. Applicable to people of all ages and income levels. For the advertising machine with touch function, while attracting the audience, it can also achieve a good interactive experience, and can also be used as an interactive experience window for some public utilities.

In addition, the advertising machine can be customized according to customer requirements, and the appearance supports brand logo screen printing, so that the brand can reach the audience directly.

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