How to choose display wall mounting bracket? This guide is for you


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With the popularization of displays and all-in-one devices, how to select suitable mounting brackets for these devices is an urgent issue to consider. Many people immediately think of using some dedicated wall mounts to hang these devices on the wall. This method is fashionable and space-saving. 

MAKEN's different types and styles of commercial display wall brackets give customers more choices.

How to choose display wall mounting bracket? this guide is for you

Large screen telescopic wall mounting bracket:

The new MW-2000 telescopic wall bracket can be flexibly and naturally stretched or contracted, making it smooth and convenient to use. The bracket is forged with high-strength and thickened steel, which is durable and stable. Suitable for 50-90 inch large screen installation.

Usually, a space for ventilation and heat dissipation is required on the back of the display screen, and a certain distance is maintained between the wall bracket and the wall to facilitate the installation of wiring interface. This wall mount bracket is specially designed for this need. The double-row telescopic arms can firmly support the large screen and flexibly push and pull, which is convenient for the unplugging and plugging of cables under the screen and the daily maintenance and cleaning of the back of the screen.

This stand is simple but durable. Over the years, MAKEN  has contributed many high-standard products to the commercial display field. Relying on the long-term sheet-metal manufacturing experience, in the construction of commercial display wall brackets, it brings simpler, lighter and more practical products, which saves space efficiently and maintains high load-bearing performance. No complicated installation steps are required for use, and the installation is convenient.

How to choose display wall mounting bracket? this guide is for you

Vertical wall hanging bracket:

MW-1000, MW-1010 and MW-1020 are all vertical screen models, suitable for both far and near viewing. This type of bracket is very suitable for the installation and use of fixed screens in shopping malls, corporate exhibition halls, supermarket display areas, etc., and it is more attached to the wall and saves space. Small stature, big effect, high load bearing. Among them, MW-1020 is suitable for the installation of 65 to 98 inch large screen

How to choose display wall mounting bracket? this guide is for you

Tilt type:

MW-1100, MW-1110 tilted wall mounting brackets, supporting screen angle adjustment. Suitable for high places, the most common application scenarios such as the background wall of cash register, high places and long distance. It is suitable for hanging menu screens in beverage shops, burger shops, snack bars and other scenes to provide a comfortable viewing Angle.

How to choose display wall mounting bracket? this guide is for you

Swivel type:

MW-1200 swivel wall mount bracket supports horizontal and vertical rotation. Fixed wall hanging on the wall, can also be matched with a flooring stand, easy for moving. Different software display interface, with horizontal and vertical screen switch, to achieve a more ideal screen display. This bracket is more suitable for exhibition hall explanation, enterprise conference room etc. other applications.

It is important that before installing the wall bracket, the user must ensure that the wall to be installed on the wall must be solid brick, concrete or an installation surface with equivalent strength.

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