MAKEN’s tablet POS solution: create a more suitable POS solution for retail


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For cashier, there is some commonality for shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores and other retails, but also have differences, the traditional "one solution for all" has not been adapted to the current development of retail.

At present, traditional retail stores are facing big pressure, are considering how to make use of the store space digitized, covering aspects of commodity marketing, customers experience, checkout and more, to achieve more intelligent, efficient and fast operation.

Through efficient integration, MAKEN fully makes play of rich products in four series to creates cashier solutions that conform to the positioning of various retail formats. Different merchants can freely choose suitable digital cashier solution according to their needs.

Maken’s tablet pos solution: create a more suitable pos solution for retail

Stylish Tablet POS Solution

Stylish cash drawer CX-330 can flexible allocate with tablet stand, POS stand, card reader holder or printer holder, to be a fashionable POS combination.

The TPS-3320 combination, the stylish cash drawer works with a lightweight tablet stand, a small card reader holder and a printer holder in the way of free movement and multifunctional, simple and elegant

Maken’s tablet pos solution: create a more suitable pos solution for retail

TPS-3330 is a combination of positioning light luxury business, specially designed for high-end shops that pursue quality and focus on modern luxury style. The two-in-one tablet POS stand has a higher space utilization.

Maken’s tablet pos solution: create a more suitable pos solution for retail

Classic Tablet POS Solution

The classic cash drawer is one most popular series, width from 330, 350 to 410mm. The roller cash drawer, combines with different tablet stand, card reader holder and other cash register equipment, constituted as a classic practical POS solution. The following two combinations of TPC-3510 and TPC-4110 are both traditional and classic models with multifunction, which are suitable for all the stores.

The TPC-3510 combination: tablet stand with a universal ball head, which can be rotated 360 degrees, offering flexible viewing angles. The TPC-4110 combination: the tablet enclosure can tilt 180 degrees back and forth. The large base is stable. The combination has high cost-effective, special designed for popular stores.

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