Self-service ordering kiosks improve store operation efficiently


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Self-service ordering kiosk is now an indispensable equipment in catering & retail. It can be used as an important tool for stores to relieve the high flow of customers in the peak period. The biggest function is to save labor costs and customer waiting time, to increase customer’s satisfaction.

MAKEN has wide range of self-service ordering kiosk series with different screen sizes, different installation styles to meet specific retail requirements. The kiosks have been widely used in fast food restaurant, steak house, drink shop, bar etc.

Self-service ordering kiosks improve store operation efficiently

KH-3200 is the most popular 32 inch self-ordering kiosk in the market. High-definition commercial screen with 10-point capacitive touch. Front-open design for convenient printer paper changing and daily maintenance. Reserved card reader installation space, radian operating surface is very humanized. KH-3200 has 3 different installation ways: single screen floor-standing, dual-screen floor-standing and wall mounting. Customers could install the kiosk according to their specific requirements.  Dual-screen type is very suitable for chain restaurants with large flow of people, which greatly improves the utilization of store space and operation efficiency. 

KH-2720 is also a dual-screen ordering kiosk. Optional screen size in 27 inch or 32 inch screens. With vertical flooring standing design, thin body, stable, safe and small footprint.

KH-3210 is similar with KH-3200, with side-open design for convenient paper replacement and daily maintenance. Both of them gain a good market reputation and be the good choice for large stores.

So, what can be the choice for those space-limited stores?

Self-service ordering kiosks improve store operation efficiently

SF-1103, is a custom tablet kiosk stand for ordering. LOGO or pattern customization is available on the stand. To show the great favor of stores, and greatly welcome by Some stylish bars, steak houses or drink shops.

Desktop ordering kiosks, are suitable for some space-limited stores. Just install on the counter for use. 

Self-service ordering kiosks improve store operation efficiently

KH-2100C has a small and exquisite appearance with a 21.5-inch screen, suitable for small bars, convenience stores and so on. We also have floor standing type KH-2100. Compact design stable and fashion. The hidden wiring inside the stand ensures the safety of the commercial application.

 Self-service ordering kiosks improve store operation efficiently

C-clamp desk mount stand is also a creative ordering series. The iPad stand can flip 180 degrees back and forth for easy screen-sharing.

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