How do enterprises seize the digital opportunity? Pick this solution from MAKEN


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Recently, the latest smart business results in the digital development of the industry were announced. MAKEN continues to work deeply in the field of intelligent and empower retail business. This time, Make shows the representative products of its main series, such as digital signageself-service terminal, stands, mounts and money box, to output comprehensive solutions of digital business for industry users.

How do enterprises seize the digital opportunity? pick this solution from maken

55 inch digital signage--domineer large screen

How do enterprises seize the digital opportunity? pick this solution from maken

Vertical Digital Signage DF-5510

Digital signage is an important window leading to digitization for enterprises. 55 inch HD large screen digital signage DF-5510, is absolutely eye-catching. It can be equipped with touch control all-in-one machine and touch control display to provide rich and colorful human-computer interaction. You can also choose non-touch type, for enterprise publicity, advertising display drainage, etc.

In the information age, with the help of digital signage, enterprises can provide customers with informative or attractive content, which has its own application in different environments. It can also help enterprises save costs and strengthen brand promotion.

Self-service kiosk series--power experience upgrade

Enterprise digital transformation is undoubtedly the key to create a new customer experience. Enable the self-service terminal to upgrade experience.

How do enterprises seize the digital opportunity? pick this solution from maken

Self-service ordering kiosk KH-2700

As an important category of self-service terminal series, self-service ordering machine can alleviate the peak customer flow in stores, improve experience service and management efficiency. It is a powerful weapon for enterprises to win the market with informatization and digitization. It is reported that the consultation about this series of products from users has been very hot. They are particularly concerned about it. 

POS cash drawer—classic and outstanding products

Cash register is the last session that affects management and sales. MAKEN cash drawer, high specification, rich in style and quantity.

How do enterprises seize the digital opportunity? pick this solution from maken

Varies sizes cash drawers

As a veteran product of MAKEN, cash drawer inherits more than 16 years of manufacturing experience, with exquisite workmanship and stable and reliable quality. The size varies from small 300 to large 460, From flip top cash drawer, European and American safe, to stylish cash drawer series, high-end slide cash drawer series... A complete range of categories. MAKEN has always been based on providing intelligent technology products for the commercial field. POS cash boxes equipped with hard power are widely applied in various industries and will add color to the enterprises transition.

Hand sanitizer kiosk--not simple

In the post-epidemic era, the digital innovation of catering and retail industries is inseparable from the escort of health equipment.

MAKEN hand disinfection advertising machine, combines hand disinfection and advertising display functions in one, is a careful choice for enterprise terminal stores to protect customers’ health.

In addition, MAKEN POS Stand Series, as a terminal supporting "core" equipment, are also manufactured by MAKEN’s precision manufacturing.

How do enterprises seize the digital opportunity? pick this solution from maken

Pole mount stand PS-3020

Enterprises should have not only a pair of "smart eyes" but also appropriate solutions in exploring digitalization. MAKEN will continue to provide quality products and comprehensive solutions with scientific and technological innovation, adding intelligent wings to the enterprises on the fast train of digitalization.

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