What’s popular commercial equipment?


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As an enterprise with innovative research, development and design force, MAKEN adheres to the quality of products, and constantly improves professional services, continue to create value for customers. We gain the trust of the market and customers.

MAKEN’s various series of products are rich in variety, which are designed for hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and other commercial space.

Let’s take a look together, what absorbing-eye products are worth recommending?

Digital Signage

What’s popular commercial equipment? 55inch combined mounting digital signage-DC-5500

With it, the screen display is more diverse and the expression is more free.

They can make "information" moving, beautiful.


What’s popular commercial equipment?

Vertrcial information kiosk DF-4300T(DF-5500T)

What’s popular commercial equipment?

Self-service ordering kiosk KH-2100

Kiosks series include self-ordering, self-checkout, information kiosk, etc.

Fashion shape, powerful function, adapt to the needs of diverse scenes.

Do not worry about crowded people, self-service terminal "guard" will solve the problem.

Hand Sanitizer Kiosks

What’s popular commercial equipment?

Hand sanitizer kiosk KHD-2100

The right way to wash your hands, come on!

Epidemic prevention and publicity in one.

Cash Drawer

What’s popular commercial equipment?

Economical cash drawer EK-series

"Star" product-cash drawer: professional full-sheet metal to create, diverse specifications for choosing.

High-end slide series, classic roller series, stylish series and so on.

Also supporting customization.

What’s popular commercial equipment?

POS terminal stand PS-1010

MAKEN will continue to develop and design, continuously improve commercial equipment products.

Looking forward to having a new chapter of cooperation with more customers in the future.

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