How do self-service checkout kiosks boost your business?


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At present, self-service checkout machines can be seen everywhere in some large supermarkets, retailers. They can not only save the labor costs of the supermarket, but also shorten the time for customers to wait in line and improve the checkout efficiency.

MAKEN’s self-checkout machine series are various in styles, desktop, floor, wall mounting. Merchants can choose according to actual use. Made of heavy steel, the machine is stable and durable.

Countertop type—Efficient checkout & no footprint

Small countertop KH-2100C, compact structure, simple fashion, and space-saving. Equipped with 21.5inch HD touch screen, reserved space for printer, optional camera, card reader holder, etc. Rich functions to meet different needs of customers. It can be directly placed on the cashier desk for use in supermarkets, convenience stores and other stores.

How do self-service checkout kiosks boost your business?

Floor Stands—Comfortable operation & with a good reputation

The floor-standing KR-2100 and KR-2700 are equipped with 21.5 and 27 inch 10-point touch screens respectively, providing smooth operation and comfortable experience. Wide shelf space, easy for placing and packing goods, provide a good checkout experience. They are popular by large supermarkets, shopping malls and other businesses.

How do self-service checkout kiosks boost your business?

Combined type—Strong performance & The first choice of large area shops

KR-1900 and KR-1910 two types of combined self-checkout machines, very comprehensive with functional design, rich components, double-sided storage platform, checkout area, scan checkout at one go. Double windows scanner helps easily read all kinds of bar codes on mobile phones, cards, fast checkout. Both of these two combined checkout stands are suitable for large shopping centers, supermarkets and other commercial places.

How do self-service checkout kiosks boost your business?

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