HOT |Tablet stands for business use in floor standing, Portable & adjustable Styles


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Vertical tablet stands-for retail and commercial use. What factors should be considered when selecting one?

Do you need commercial quality tablet stands for retail, corporate, catering, and other commercial uses? MAKEN has a full series of tablet stands that make it easy to display, secure, and protect expensive tablets, while allowing customers or guests to easily access the screen to learn about the company's products, capabilities, and more. When choosing a tablet stand for a retail, catering and other commercial environment, it is very important to choose the right style for your tablet model. Does it provide proper viewing and manipulation? Is it locked to prevent theft? Is it supported to rotate the enclosure for landscape or portrait display? We have a large number of styles and sizes to choose from, and also support customization service to meet your individual needs.

What are the distinctive features of MAKEN's tablet stand series in terms of functional characteristics?

1, Countertop or floor standing thin tablet stands, portable design, so can be used for movable use in trade show or conference environment. For public places with large flow of people, the floor standing tablet stand is an ideal choice for installing fixed devices.

Hot |tablet stands for business use in floor standing, portable & adjustable styles


2, the enclosure is provided with a soft cushion, can provide cushion protection for the tablet.

3, desktop stands, the back of enclosure reserved lock hole, easy to install safety lock, can be used in the store or off-site business environment, much safer.

4, the screen adjustable angle stands, designed to tilt or rotate the tablet to the perfect angle of view. This is ideal for public use, where operators of different heights need to have a variety of demonstrations.

Hot |tablet stands for business use in floor standing, portable & adjustable styles


The use of floor standing tablet stands in trade shows and retail environments is an ideal way for users to interact with their tablets without fear of theft or damage to expensive tablet devices. Tablet demonstration can easily display advertising pictures, videos, music, etc., can be used for shop assistants to search the presence of goods in the store or query inventory information, can also allow customers to browse enterprise related information, can also be used as a hotel check-in or check-out function, and so on. These floor stands provide a stable, durable and space-saving design. In addition to business places, these tablet stands are also ideal for service places such as schools and libraries.

Hot |tablet stands for business use in floor standing, portable & adjustable styles


Hot |tablet stands for business use in floor standing, portable & adjustable styles SW-1401

In addition to desktop and counter space use, we also provide several floor stands with a shell. Designed for use in trade shows or retail promotional advertising, the body can also be customized with graphic patterns or company logo. If you need to use for limited space counter, we also provide thinner metal shell, or clamp design stands. There are also some wall mounted stands, which are directly mounted on the wall. Because function and design are important when making any type of purchase, we make sure that our tablet stands give you easy access to all the features of the tablet.

MAKEN, as a professional manufacturer and exporter in POS hardware industry, has self-built manufacture industrial park, powerful sheet metal manufacturing capabilities, has a professional level, comprehensive ability to solve the problem of R&D engineer team and customer service practice experiences, will let us more professional, More capable meet customer high complexity, the growing demands.

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