Retail POS cash drawer -- an important magic weapon for stores to increase profits


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Although there are many payment methods available today, cash payment method still accounts for a large percentage of payments. If your store also supports cash payment, you will need a suitable POS cash drawer to ensure efficient operation.

1. Advantages of using cash drawer:

POS cash drawer makes it easier for you to manage cash. Can make the cashier link in good order. The faster the cash collection speed, the higher work efficiency.

Using a cash drawer means greater security. It reduces the risk of employees withdrawing cash from tills without consent.

2. Different types of POS cash drawer:

According to the width of the cash drawer, can be divided into small, medium or large type; According to different positioning, it can be divided into economic, mid-range, high-end type; According to the way of bouncing off, it can be divided into ball bearing slide and roller. According to your actual needs, you can choose different types of cash drawer.

(1) Small stylish cash drawer:

Retail pos cash drawer -- an important magic weapon for stores to increase profits  

Stylish Cash Drawer CX-300

Small cash drawer is a good choice for shops that have limited cashier area or focus on delicate and small routes.

The CX-300 is a small, stylish and creative cash drawer. Aluminum alloy shell, strong structure. The internal cash tray is removable and adjustable.

(2) Economic cash drawer:

Retail pos cash drawer -- an important magic weapon for stores to increase profits

Economy cash drawer is perfect for shops looking for affordable options with moderate foot traffic. This type of cash drawer provides an economical and efficient cash register solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any business environment such as retail or catering.

MAKEN’s economic cash drawer representative EK-series, such as EK-330, EK-350, available in black and white, other colors can be customized. Wide media slots provide direct storage for large bills or checks. Durable structure, strong storage space, the internal pattern of large capacity, can accommodate 4, 5 notes. This type of cash drawer supports printer driver, optional under-mounting bracket.

(3) High-end slide cash drawer:

Retail pos cash drawer -- an important magic weapon for stores to increase profits

This type of cash drawer is designed for high-traffic shops. They are made of heavy steel, providing increased durability and stability in higher pressure environments for long periods of frequent normal operation. Durable and silent sliding ensures smooth operation of the cash drawer, which is very suitable for restaurants, bars, gas stations and other industries.

The options are 16.1inch or 18.1inch width. This is a series of rugged enterprise class cash drawer, designed for last long service and meeting the high requirements of any business use. After rigorous testing, it can be opened and closed up to 1 million times. A large media slot for quick deposit of bills. The internal banknote box has different compartments for notes and coins, which is for easy counting. There is also a secret space underneath for items such as larger bills and checks. Storage compartments under the cash tray provide extra space for large bills, checks, and coin rolls.

The high-end series are suitable for the most common installations, and an under mounting bracket is optional.

3. How does POS cash drawer work?

According to the way of opening, cash drawer is divided into manual and electric cash drawer. Cash drawer can be used independently to function. It can also be a part of the POS combination of the cashier, with the cashier, printer, card reader and other components of the cashier system. When in use, cash drawer is opened by a mechanical motion induced by electromagnetic induction using pulses from a device such as a receipt machine or computer.

4. Are you ready to use POS cash drawer in your business or store?

The type of POS cash drawer you choose depends on a variety of factors. In addition to style, price, there are interface, open way to consider. Your business traffic and volume, cost, effectiveness, convenience, and so on can also help you determine the best solution to choose the best POS cash drawer for your business.

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