Five of the most stylish and useful iPad POS holders in 2022


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Compared with traditional POS devices, tablet-based POS systems have become a growing trend with more flexibility and lower cost in millions of retail stores, restaurants, enterprises, banks and other commercial applications around the world.

When you have or are considering adopting an iPad checkout system, we should consider the setting locations in your stores. There are a variety of iPad POS stands on the market today. We've rounded up five of the most stylish and practical styles.

1、Tiltable tablet stand SC-1102 Five of the most stylish and useful ipad pos holders in 2022

This tablet stand is the first choice in many stores, and the minimalist styling may be ideal for you. It retains the shape of the tablet as much as possible, and ensures the strength and durability of long-term use.

The tablet stand is made of high quality cold rolled steel, suitable for different types of tablet, and can be customized in a variety of colors, so that you can easily find the right tablet stand for your counter. Tablet stand base can be optional metal base or plastic base, supporting 360-degree rotation.

2、Universal ball head tablet stand SC-1304

 Five of the most stylish and useful ipad pos holders in 2022

Maken has launched the SC-1304 stand for the iPad 10.2 inch, which is a representative of the popular classic stand.

The stand is made of sheet metal, and the enclosure is designed in a flip-type way, making it easy to install a tablet.

Available in black or other custom colors, the stand works gracefully with any color tablet. The stand supports a 360-degree flip to rotate the screen to a more comfortable viewing angle.

3、Aluminum alloy tablet stand SC-1305

 Five of the most stylish and useful ipad pos holders in 2022

The SC-1305 is an aluminum stand that is stylish, lightweight and durable, rotating in a universal way to facilitate screen sharing and provide a more ergonomic viewing experience. The frosted aluminum body has a streamlined design with hidden cables inside. With ABS plastic panel, it creates a high-end and practical cashier experience for your cashier area 

The stand can be directly placed on the table, or fixed on the table with screws.

4、Two in one tablet POS stand

Five of the most stylish and useful ipad pos holders in 2022

MAKEN’s two-in-one POS stand PS-2010 is much more delicate than anything else on the market. Solid metal material, with a fashionable shape, is a beautiful scenery in the cashier area.

The stand supports the iPad from 9.7 inch to 12.9 inch. The key features are: first, the screen supports flipping and can be turned to the customer to facilitate the customer to view and confirm the order information on the screen; Second, the printer space is reserved, convenient for customers to place a small printer, to meet the functional requirements of bill printing. In term of Installation mode, you can choose direct placement, or can be equipped with screws to firmly fix the stand on the sales cabinet, thus reducing the risk of theft when used in commercial environment.

5、Universal desktop tablet stand SC-1401

 Five of the most stylish and useful ipad pos holders in 2022

If you are looking for a versatile, beautifully designed tablet stand, Maken SC-1401 may be the perfect choice for you. It is made of heavy steel to make it more stable and durable, and has an ergonomically inclined angle to provide a comfortable viewing and operating experience. The enclosure adopts a clip-on design, and the iPad is clamped to the stand to ensure its safety and reliability.

This universal stand, as an important part of POS cashier equipment, is equipped with cash drawer, card reader, printer, etc., to create a complete cashier comprehensive solution for your store.

While it's not necessarily the prettiest design on the market, it's definitely the most practical. It can be fixed with screws or fixed on the desktop with adhesive pads. The design allows the tablet screen to be flipped for easy screen sharing.

MAKEN’s tablet stand series has a strong line up, if you need more choice opportunities and more customized needs of the tablet stand is more suitable for your point of sale, MAKEN is a good provider.

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