Smart kiosk POS facilitates retail industry upgrade and transformation


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The new consumption mode of retail industry is constantly upgrading and developing, forcing the traditional retail industry to upgrade and transform. The upgrading and transformation of the retail industry must rely on the power of intelligent technology. The emergence of intelligent self-service terminal products is the indispensable technical power for the transformation and upgrading of the retail industry. MAKEN’s self-service kiosk POS series, a variety of intelligent hardware products, cut into the field of commercial intelligent hardware, enabling offline stores such as retail and catering, and becoming a powerful helper for business operations. 

Smart kiosk pos facilitates retail industry upgrade and transformation

KH-1900C and KH-2100C, two desktop kiosk POS, which are simplified in appearance and provide a wide space for the cashier. In the function of the integration of cashier, printing, marketing, improve the efficiency of the cashier. Moreover, it can be combined with other products, for example, equipped with a cash drawer, to create a high-end commercial combination. MAKEN’s kiosk POS series, in line with the trend of self-service society, advocates users to use themselves, convenient and fast without long time waiting.

Smart kiosk pos facilitates retail industry upgrade and transformation

The two kiosk POS, KH-1900C and KH-2100C, both adopt industrial grade motherboards with 19 inch or 21.5-inch capacitive touch screens respectively, which are sensitive to touch and can display product advertisements and promotional information in leisure time. The equipment is made of all sheet metal, stable and durable. Support appearance customization, such as color customization. KH-2100C, reserved small ticket printer space, optional printer, scanner, camera, etc., rich functions to meet the different needs of users. KH-1900C built-in WIFI, compatible with a variety of software and hardware, customers can independently expand to achieve function expansion.

Smart kiosk pos facilitates retail industry upgrade and transformation

Hardware self-service equipment, for the retail industry, main purpose is to create a better shopping and consumption experience. For store operators, the use of all-in-one self-service kiosk can effectively improve the efficiency of cashier, reduce the allocation of cashier personnel, can play a role in reducing costs and improving efficiency. In special periods, the use of self-service kiosk POS can reduce interpersonal contact and maintain normal self-service cashier work in supermarkets, restaurants and other scenes. Even in smaller convenience stores, self-service kiosk POS can play a role as a self-service cashier without people.

MAKEN, as the senior intelligence quotient of the hardware manufacturers, research and development and manufacturing of self-service terminal equipment has been widely used in large chain supermarkets, shopping malls, catering and other industries, has the rich experience in production and manufacturing and the application practice. In order to adapt to different market scenario, MAKEN has independently researched and produced various types of self-service terminals, which cover self-service ordering kiosk, self-service checkout kiosk, self-service information kiosk, hand sanitizer kiosks and so on.

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