Wall Mounting Bracket: Exquisite Business Details


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In the visible and invisible

Careful scrutiny Wall mounting bracket: exquisite business details

▲ MW-1000 Exquisite design, hiding tender

Wall-hanging bracket, made of SPCC cold rolled sheet, one punching process, precision forging, details in place. Vertical hanging screen, saving space, suitable for airport, station corridor installation.

 Wall mounting bracket: exquisite business details

▲ MW-1010 Meticulous craftsmanship & Exacting attention to detail

Different holes are reserved on the vertical mounting racks for easy screen mounting of different sizes. Also specially designed clasp, fixed the hanger to avoid shaking. The bending baffle on both sides is designed to keep the screen from falling off. Long screw designing to fix screen. Multi-detail design ensures safety.

Wall mounting bracket: exquisite business details

▲ MW-1020 Easy to tap the big screen

65 to 98inch screen wall mounting bracket, made of heavy steel. 80kg super strong bearing, full of strength. Suitable for large screen installation of major brands, firm and atmospheric. Wall mounting bracket: exquisite business details

▲ Full sheet metal, high strength, strong toughness

Tilt wall mounting bracket, integrated design, made of sheet metal. High strength and toughness. Supports a 30-degree tilt to meet the installation requirements of different screens. Catering cashier area, equipped with this wall bracket, and installation of high screen, convenient for menu display. Wall mounting bracket: exquisite business details

▲ Tilt 15 degree, Suitable angle display

The MW-1110 wall bracket, support screen up and down 15 degrees adjustable, to meet the viewing angle of different wall height. Humanized tilt design provides a good visual experience.

 Wall mounting bracket: exquisite business details

▲ 90 degree rotation, vertical and horizontal switch

Rotating bracket MW-1200, the screen can be rotated 90 degrees, support vertical and horizontal switching. During teaching in exhibition hall and conference room, this bracket equipped with a screen, will be convenient for different software, and the effect is more ideal.

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