Subtle Industrial Beauty


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Everybody's life sucks

One bite at a time, enjoy the tip of your tongue

One thick one light, make up the beauty of life


Beginner's mind in square inch, very close in craftsmanship

Every ounce of it is industrial beauty Subtle industrial beauty

PS-3010 multi-functional, free combination bracket, each holder can rotate 360 degrees around the pole, and can be adjusted up and down.

 Subtle industrial beauty

PS-2010 two-in-one POS stand for tablet and printer integrated design, saving space. The adjustable tablet enclosure can be used to accommodate tablets of different sizes.

 Subtle industrial beauty

PS-2020 aluminum alloy POS stand, simple type. Screen supports vertical and horizontal rotation and flip design, which is convenient for the cashier to share the checkout interface with customers.

Subtle industrial beauty

PS-1020 POS terminal stand, black and white optional. One-piece bending, heavy steel, simple but fashionable.

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