COVID-19: We Try To Help in Healthcare Applications
In the tough times of COVID-19 crisis, we are full of hope and do our best to cooperate with the measures of government and healthcare providers, protect employees' safety and support our partners.
At the same time, we have been increasing our efforts, hoping to provide more useful help in this crisis.
For Pharmacy:
Assist in Providing Contactless Sales and Services
During the crisis, pharmacies insist on opening for providing medications and necessary assistance for people in need.
Observed that the number of people entering pharmacies is 20%-30% higher than before pandemic happened. People want to get services quickly, finish purchasing and leave as soon as possible. However, because many employees left under the influence of this pandemic, the number of shop assistants declined sharply. Fewer shop assistants communicate face-to-face with more anxious customers, which puts both sides at greater risk of infection.
MAKEN's kiosks can provide contactless services for pharmacies, by which not only can save labor and improve efficiency,but most importantly can protect the safety of customers and employees.
Ipad Stand Kiosks Coping
With Rising Customer Flow
More people need services, while the number of shop assistants is decreasing.
Ipad stand kiosks work as information kiosk and take up less space. They provide self-service, simplify consultation and purchase, and make customers obtain useful information quickly. At the same time, shop assistants have more time to deal with other important tasks, such as check-out, replenishment and disinfection.
Self-Checkout Kiosks
Reducing Queue
To prevent infection, WHO recommends people to keep a distance of one meter away from other people when going out. It's difficult to do it while waiting in line for checkout.
Self-checkout kiosks replaces manual checkout to improve efficiency and reduce queue and waiting time. Moreover, it greatly avoids people gathering and contacting in the pharmacies.
POS Hardware Enhancing Efficiency
During the pandemic, pharmacies become more busier so it is important to ensure operational efficiency.
At the counter, small POS hardware is very useful.
Slim iPad stand allows screen sharing between shop assistant and customer when flipping the enclosure.
Adjustable payment stand is suitable for various types of payment terminals. Cash drawer equipped with a 2-in-1 POS stand is easy to operate that speeds up shop assistant's work.
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