Cashier POS combination for retail, have you chosen the right one?


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Cashier devices is particularly important in the catering industry and retail industry. The cashier speed of a business not only affects user experience, but also affects store revenue. Cashiers face a huge number of people every day, so it is crucial to equip them with a set of efficient cash register equipment.

MAKEN has been focusing on commercial equipment for many years. It owns POS hardware, digital signage, self-service kiosks and display stand, providing users with a variety of choices. In view of the current retail catering industry's demand for a complete set of cashier equipment, MAKEN provides several sets of tablet POS combinations with different positioning. Customer can choose the POS combination according to their specific requirement, to improve the efficiency of the store, but also the store comprehensive image. 

High-end POS

CX-series as high-end cash drawers, combine with the exquisite aluminum tablet stand or POS stand, and small card reader holder. Designed for the high-end positioning stores.

TPS-3010, consist of stylish cash drawer CX-300 and tablet stand SC-1303, all aluminum, durable and advanced.

TPS-3310, consist of CX-330, 2-in-1 tablet POS stand PS-2020, and card reader holder PS-1020, with high fashion.

Stylish POS

Cashier pos combination for retail, have you chosen the right one?

MAKEN's tablet POS TPS-3330

Stylish cash drawer CX-330 equips with tablet stand, as a fashion combination, delicate and fashionable, which is the best choice for light luxury, elegant and delicate business space.

The TPS-3320 combination consists of a tilted tablet stand SC-1102 with a 360-degree rotating base and a printer stand PS-0010 with a scanning stand.

TPS-3330 combination, 2-in-1 tablet POS stand, telescopic enclosure can be used for multiple tablets, simple but light luxury.

TPS-3340 combination, tablet stand SC-1301 supports flipping back and forth and vertical screen switch, which is convenient for the cashier to confirm the order information with customers.

Classic POS

Cashier pos combination for retail, have you chosen the right one?

MAKEN's tablet POS TPC-3510

Classic roller cash drawer MK series, equip with traditional practical tablet stand, such as SC-1304, SC-1202, etc. composed of classic cash register POS, suitable for all shops.

TPC-3310 combination is ultra-high cost performance.

Cashier pos combination for retail, have you chosen the right one?

The TPC-3510 combination is practical and popular. The tablet stand SC-1304 can rotate 360 degrees, the cashiers can easily adjust the screen angle according to their heights.

The TPC-4110 combination is also very popular, with SC-1202 of a large base that can be stably placed without mounting.

The cashier devices play an important role when cashier. MAKEN has rich products, being able to provide flexible POS combinations to meet your specific requirements.

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