Classic Roller Cash Drawer CM-410L Makes Wiring Invisible


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In the checkout process, Have you ever had this kind of trouble?

Cashier wiring is miscellaneous, messy, affecting the store image.

Money box used for a long time does not open and close smoothly, affecting the checkout speed.

The screen is placed on the top of money box, which gradually deforms over time and affects its use.

Worried that the money box is not secure enough, theft of property.

MAKEN’s classic roller cash drawer CM-410L

A cash drawer that's durable and makes all the wiring invisible.

Solve your troubles.

Classic roller cash drawer cm-410l makes wiring invisible

Classic Roller Cash Drawer CM-410L 

Hidden cable slot makes the cashier area more tidy

An unique cable slot is designed to hidden all cables of different POS devices such as cash drawer, cash register, receipt printer, electronic scale, etc. Hidden wiring makes the cashier area more tidy. When customers stop to pay, their sight is no longer disturbed by the messy cables on the back of the machine, and the customer experience will be better.

Classic roller cash drawer cm-410l makes wiring invisible

CM-410L--Hidden wiring makes the cashier area more tidy

Strong construction design

The case and drawer are made of SPCC heavy duty steel, while the front panel and inner cash tray are made of shatter-resistant ABS plastic. The load-capacity exceeds 50kg, stiffeners are engineered under the top plate of the case, and a supporting frame is added around the front panel, which can resist pressure without deformation after long-term use.

Over 1 million lifecycles

Equipped with high durability release mechanism and roller to ensure smooth opening and closing. Tested to over 1 million opening/closing cycles. No fear of any high-frequency use environment to meet different needs of various stores.

Classic roller cash drawer cm-410l makes wiring invisible

Three-position safety lock, anti-skid cover, five stars

Use three-position safety lock (manual open, electric open, lock) with emergency switch at the bottom, which can cope with power failure or unable to find the key and other emergency situations. Specially designed anti-prying cover protection, anti-theft, anti-prying emergency switch, it needs to use the switch to open, effectively protect the property security of the money box.

Removable cash tray with large-capacity storage

The cash drawer has a double tray structure, which is composed of a load-bearing drawer tray and a removable cash tray. The cash tray (with a removable coin tray) can be taken out separately for easy counting. Optional lockable cover of cash tray makes it more secure for cash transfer. The cash tray has enough space and different layouts to suit different currencies such as Euro, US dollar, British pound, RMB, ect.

A media slot on the front panel is specially designed for quick storage of large bills, checks, receipts and cards without opening the drawer.

Classic roller cash drawer cm-410l makes wiring invisible

More features provide better experience

Curved front panel creates more simple and elegant appearance. A removable cable interface at the bottom makes it easy to replace the cable without disassembling the bottom plate.

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